Thursday, January 5, 2017

happy 2017

Hi All,
I hope you've had a restful, rewarding vacation from school.  To think: you've been learning and creating every day, and no one knows it but you!  (Unless of course you've been posting to your blog, like Lesley-- check out "Pennie and the Shattered Heart").

So now it's time to shake off the cobwebs.  At the beginning of break I decided to give us all... a break.  Then I came down with a nasty case of bronchitis so the break got longer.  But the year isn't getting any younger, and the semester and the AP exam aren't getting any further away, so here we go...

This is what we should all have ready for each other when we reconvene next week:

Create a dedicated page on your blog dedicated to your Big Question (referred to from now on as your "BQ").  This way we can open a tab and easily refer to the material that has to do with your own research, as opposed to the general concepts and AP-related stuff we do in the course.

This page will effectively be one post, which we will grow into a multi-media research paper and remix/mash-up (depending on what works best for your purposes, which we will get clearer on in class).

Please write Chapter 1.  The title of this section is GENESIS: THE BACKGROUND OF MY BIG QUESTION.  Write a brief essay describing how and when your interest in your Big Question began.  Describe the issue you're exploring, the question you're trying to answer, the problem you're trying to solve, the skill you're trying to acquire.  Explain why your BQ matters to you. Explain why it should matter to the world.

Please choose one of the essay prompts here.  Give yourself no more than 40 minutes (honor system) and answer the prompt.  Remember to identify key terms in the prompt, do a pre-write, and leave yourself time to proofread.

On our first day back we'll review our blogs, we'll map out our schedule, and if I can stop hacking (*not the computer kind) we may even have some pancakes.  Enjoy your last week of vacation!

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