Thursday, December 15, 2016

our big questions

Cayla: Do you think we'll ever find the truth? --> I want to investigate the nature of creativity.

Lesley: What does it mean to make music?

Liliy: Is there anything besides the obvious that determines when we die?

Rosie: What happens after we die?

Ale: How can we find and identify our soul mates?

Jesse: Why are there words such as race and racism?  Why can't we coexist as members of one species?

Brigett: How do we define and achieve success?

Gabriel: Why are people so quick to judge others?

Leydi: When did stereotyping begin?

Marino:  Why don't we do the things we know we should be doing?

Angela: Why do we dream?

Angel: What am I going to do after high school?

Monse: How do we deal with old age in our culture?

Katryna: Why do we wait until something tragic happens to cherish the person or the moment?  How can we start now before it's too late?

Melina: Can gratitude change our state of minds and by extension the world we live in?

Daniel: What would the world be like if there was no school?  Would people educate themselves?

Abigail: Is it too late to change?

Samary: What is perfection in life?

Jaquie: How will the future change with technology and new ways of learning?

Peter: Do people see colors differently?  Is that related to how people have different perspectives?

Kayleen: Why is it that in school we learn unnecessary things we won't use in the future?  What is the point of college?  What about learning practical things like how to pay taxes?  Don't we learn most of what we need to know from our parents?

Cerenity: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; it's that we are powerful beyond measure."  Are we afraid that we are not good enough, or are we afraid that we are too good?

Paloma: Why do we trust people?  Why do we want to be successful-- and at the same time do things that sabotage our ability to be successful?

Clemente: Is there a chance that human beings are inherently evil?  Can we make society good?

Cesar: Where does motivation come from?

Luis: Why are grades necessary?

Eldrin: What happened before the Big Bang?


Jackie: Why are we planning to colonize Mars?  Who gets to go in 2027 and how will that make life better?

Jordan: How can our generation fix the world when things seem so far beyond repair?

Fatima: What is the after-death experience?

Alexis: Do aliens really exist?  What is the evidence?

Stephania: What causes suicide?

Linda: Does luck exist?  Do some people have more luck than others?