Thursday, March 30, 2017

march 30

Why are people so afraid to make mistakes?  Describe a mistake you learned from.

1. Journal
2. United/ 8 mc questions
3. F451 table conversations (please answer questions and post to your blog)

For pp. 114-122 (title: THE CHASE IS ON)
1. Why did the Hound attack Montag?
2. How did Montag defend himself?
3. What did Montag realize about Beatty?
4. Where did Montag go?
5. What happened when Montag crossed the street?

For pp. 123-132 (title: A STEP AHEAD OF THE HOUND)
1. What did Montag do at the Blacks' house?
2. How does Faber describe the war?
3. Describe Faber's TV.
4. What was on TV while Montag was on the run?
5. What was Montag running for when everyone looked out of their houses?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

because cute

"I wuv you, wobot."

about the ap multiple choice questions

The multiple choice portion of the exam is worth 45% of your total score.  This section usually has 52-55 questions, You will be given several passages to read, with 10-15 questions that refer to the passage.  THIS POST includes a concise description of the eight types of questions.  Please read it and bookmark it for reference.  When I say read it, I mean read it closely and academically.  Devour it.  Follow the links.  Take notes.  Print it out and mark it up.  Memorize the eight categories if you need to.  We will revisit the United article with this in mind in different ways for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

march 29

When Beatty confronts him in front of his house, Montag resorts to violence and torches Beatty with the flamethrower.  Why is this solution, which would never be a first choice in life, viable in fiction?  How does it serve the story?  What do you think it will do for the plot-- what's next for Montag?

1. Journal
2. United article and mc questions
3. F451 table conversations

Monday, March 27, 2017

march 28

Yesterday Paloma asked a very important question: When does art describe society, and when does art become important enough to influence society?  (Note: art can be visual, literary, or even a matter of personal style.  Just a couple decades ago, only bikers and ex-military personnel had tattoos and hardly any men had pierced ears, noses, or nipples-- and then along came Madonna and Dennis Rodman...)

1. Journal
2. Part II
3. AP exam structure
4. Rhetorical analysis: United Airlines dress code

march 27

Much of Montag's frustration seems to stem from the fact that he is so focused on his past and his future that he can't get a grip on his present.  Does this apply in your life?  When you think about your future, does it motivate/inspire you and make you happy that you're doing what you're doing, or does it worry you?

1. Journal
2. TEST (short? or long?  don't know yet. did you read & answer questions?)
3.  Part III