Thursday, December 1, 2016

december 1

[*Happy December!  Unfortunately I won't be on campus today, so please complete the following journal topic and assignment to prepare for our conversation tomorrow.]

Every culture throughout history has had some idea about peace.  Some cultures do peace better than others.  What do you think is necessary for peace?  You can think about peace within yourself, peace within your close circle of family or friends, or peace between nations.  How can you relate the idea of peace to Jimmy Santiago Baca's "Immigrants in our own Land"?

1. Journal
2. Table discussion:

a) Consider Jessica Parra's blog entry about the poem
b) Compare your answers to the questions about theme, tone, mood, and devices
c) Change your mind about (at least) one of your answers based on the conversation and update your blog

PLEASE NOTE: Either every single one of us will have a blog entry to show for this week's thinking about the poem, or we will have a gut-wrenchingly difficult in-class exam on the poem tomorrow (Friday).


  1. Is there anything specific we have to include in the blog entry?

  2. If you've already posted about the theme, tone, mood, & devices, please add an item about how Jessica's post and/or today's table conversation added to your understanding. Thanks!