Tuesday, February 21, 2017

our chat with senator leach

Here is the video from this morning's chat with Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach.  I thought the recording was split screen, the way I saw it online.  I was wrong.  Also, I thought the audio would record directly from the Skype call.  Apparently I was wrong about that too.  Still, you can see Senator Leach on the distant screen, and you can hear most of what he has to say.  I'll work on the tech for next time. #Learning

Thanks to those of you who contributed questions online and in person.  As we discussed just after the call, we covered a lot of ground and sometimes this stuff takes time to sink in.  If you have any other questions or ideas you want to share after reflecting and/or watching the recap below, please comment to this post.  I'll review the video tonight and post a couple key quotes and reflections of my own.

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