Thursday, February 16, 2017

chapter 6 questions

Here's a typical quiz.  How many can you answer correctly?
1.  What is Gatsby’s real name, and where is he from?
a.  He is James Gatz from North Dakota.
b.  He is Floyd Jay Deisinger from Nevada.
c.  He is Jamie Garcia from California.
d.  He is Jason Gatsboukian from Illinois.
2.  What did Dan Cody do for Gatsby?
a.  He introduced Gatsby to Daisy on his yacht.
b.  He educated Gatsby about money and the people who have it.
c.  He lent Gatsby money for his early business ventures.
d.  He left Gatsby a fleet of yachts when he died.
3.  What is extremely ironic in Tom’s statement of Gatsby, “I wonder where in the devil he met Daisy.  By God, I may be old fashioned in my ideas but women run around too much these days to suit me.  They meet all kinds of crazy fish”?
a.  Tom doesn’t like it when new people flash their money more than he does
b.  Tom himself is “running around” with Myrtle
c.  Tom thinks Nick shouldn’t befriend Gatsby
d.  Tom doesn’t like fish, especially the crazy ones
4.  What is Daisy’s opinion of Gatsby’s party, and how does it affect him?
a.  She likes it immensely.  He is so pleased that he asks her to help him arrange his next one.
b.  She doesn’t like it.  He becomes angry and vows never to see her again.
c.  She doesn’t like it.  He becomes depressed.
d.  She likes it somewhat.  He asks her to attend several more before she gives him her opinion.
5.  Gatsby wants nothing less from Daisy than to:  
a.  come to him and say she never loved him (Gatsby), so that he can finally be free of her ghost
b.  come to him and say she wants to stay friends but not get romantically involved.
c.  stay married to Tom but have an affair with him.
d.  Go to Tom and say, “I never loved you,” and leave him for Gatsby
6.  How does Gatsby react to Nick’s statement about Daisy, “I wouldn’t ask too much of her. You can’t repeat the past”?
a.  He replies, “Can’t repeat the past?  Why of course you can!”
b.  He says, “Yeah, you’re probably right.  But I know she’ll eventually come around.”
c.  He replies, “How dare you!  I’ve got enough money to make anything happen again!”
d.  He states, “I should have known better than to go down this road.  It’s a dead end.”

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