Tuesday, February 7, 2017

february 8

Alright. This week is not going the way I planned.  Being sick sucks, and not being with you guys for a third day in a row sucks worse.

But there is a very silver lining.  Those of you who are contributing ideas here and on your own blogs are officially learning independently.  You're exactly the kind of self-starter that universities and employers look for.

So my question today is (for those of you crushing it): How does it feel to seize the opportunity?

And my question today is (for those of you not doing anything I can see online and not emailing me for help): How does it feel to waste the opportunity?

1. Journal
2. Today is reflection in the form of torturing a friend.  Write a test with at least two questions per chapter.  Post the questions (BUT NOT THE ANSWERS) on your blog (TITLE: GATSBY TEST CHAPTERS 1-4).  Get three friends to take the test by commenting to your post with their answers.  Grade them and report their grades with the correct answers in a second post (TITLE: GATSBY TEST GRADES).

Q: Dr. Preston, what if I can't get three friends to take my test?
A: Fine-tune your powers of persuasion and try harder.  This is all-or-nothing.


  1. They say laughter is the best medicine. Should we send you a bunch of memes tomorrow to make you laugh? (insert "hmmm" emoji here)

    1. boii i got memes for days... they call me the meme master

    2. Ha! Yes memes please. And Angel, you can give your whole test in memes if you can figure out how they make sense (& if you can figure out how to spell :)

    3. You should take some of our tests... just for fun :D

    4. Hey that's a great idea!

    5. Will you be in class tomorrow, oh wise one?

    6. Looks like I'm out for the week. Thinking if I was wiser I'd find a quicker way to recover. This sucks. That's an understatement. (Which can be a very effective narrative and rhetorical technique. Nick and Gatsby both use it. Can you see examples? See what I did there? :)