Tuesday, August 23, 2016

your satire aug 23

To make progress on your satire project:

  • Read "A Modest Proposal" (on your own, with a partner/small group, or with Ms. Twenge and the class)
  • Ask yourself: how does Swift use diction and syntax to create an effect?  What impression does the document make?  Does it seem like a goofy joke or like it's intended to be taken seriously?
  • Make three choices today (and post about them to your blog):
  1. What is the most effective medium for your satire?  Will you write a document like Swift's?  Will you create a presentation (e.g., a PowerPoint or a Prezi)?  Will you produce an audio or video?  Why?  How will the medium you choose make your message more impactful and/or memorable?
  2. What will be the most effective tone for your satire?  How will you show your tone through your use of diction and syntax?  Will you choose words that a fifth-grader can understand or will you aim for a more sophisticated audience?
  3. Out of the topics you have considered so far, which social institution or condition will you target for improvement?  What will be the topic of your satire?

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