Thursday, August 18, 2016

august 18

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "You Talk Too Much" by Run-D.M.C.; "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin]

So many phrases say the same thing: Talk is cheap. A picture's worth a thousand words. It's not what you said, it's how you said it. Since words are so easy to create we tend to mistrust them. We use our intuition to "read between the lines" and determine what someone really means.  Describe how we listen, read, and learn without depending on words.

1. Journal
2. Satire
3. Vocab
4. Intro to the Big Question

1. Post your first impression/offering as a comment to "What's Your Big Question?"
2. Put next week's vocab quiz in your calendar & start studying
3. Read "A Modest Proposal" and respond on your blog by describing how it meets the criteria for satire.  How does Swift's use of diction, syntax, and tone effectively convey his message?

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