Thursday, August 18, 2016

room design

Now that we're rolling, and I have hope that someone will take all the extra stuff out of the room, it's time to revisit our conversation from the first week.  Can someone please comment and remind me what we said about the room design, walls, etc.?  I confess that the first week was a bit of a blur-- I should have taken notes in class! :)  Mahalo.


  1. People gave a bunch of ideas, but the one I remember the most is having a quote/motivational wall to motivate and inspire our classmates :)

  2. Also one idea thrown out was having a chalkboard on one wall to right about our thoughts of the day or if someone was having a bad thought we could comment on it and help them. 😝

  3. This is the list of ideas we came up with
    - chalkboard
    - art wall
    - motivation wall
    - quote wall
    - about me wall

  4. Thanks all! (Who is the "Unknown" archivist? :)