Tuesday, March 7, 2017

march 8

*I'm out today.  Email if you have any questions. -dp


On this day in 1817, the New York Stock Exchange was founded.  So?  What's the big deal?  What IS the New York Stock Exchange?  Look it up if you have to.  It's sort of important to the economy.

1. Journal
2. Write a short story-- on your own or with friends-- that would qualify as Modernist.  Post it to your blog.  In an accompanying paragraph, explain how your story meets the criteria for Modernism (review your notes if you need to) and explain any literary techniques you used, such as imagery and figurative language.


  1. "The Pedestrian"? I don't know what that is; was it something we read in the beginning of the year or something?

  2. I see that you've changed the agenda. Muy slick, DP, muy slick. As for the short story... would it surprise you if I told you I was writing one in my head earlier today?

  3. You are gonna love "The Pedestrian." I'll put txt online later. As for your short story: Can. Not. Wait. To. Read.