Wednesday, April 5, 2017

april 5


Sometimes, when athletes at the Olympics complete their event or earn a medal, they cry.  Athletes are stereotypically tough humans, and crying is stereotypically not a tough thing to do, so how do you explain this?

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  1. Well you see.... Everyone is tough on the outside, but when something so unbelievably amazing happens, you just can't help letting out your emotions. Just like a Walnut, hard shell (really hard shell, damn that sh** is hard to open) but the inside is soft (not that soft) *that was a bad comparison* you get the point!!!

  2. They cry because they can't believe that they accomplished that. They cry because all of the pain, the hard work,the things you missed out on, they are all paying off. Lastly they are crying because they left everything they had out there. 💪🏃