Tuesday, April 11, 2017

april 11

Six hundred years after he stopped writing, we are still quoting Shakespeare-- often without knowing it.  Is there an author, poet, lyricist or rapper writing today who will be remembered as having such an impact?  Who?  Why?

1. Journal
2. I'm out unexpectedly today so:
  • If you were in class yesterday, please share your notes with someone who wasn't;
  • Choose at least three of the AP essay prompts and apply the tactics and strategies to pre-write your essay.  You may do this independently or with colleagues at your table
I plan to be in class tomorrow to set the stage for break and beyond.  If you can't join us for any reason, please check the blog for specifics.  It's important for us to keep up with each other so we don't lose momentum over the break.  Have a great day!

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