Monday, September 26, 2016

september 27

9:59 PM
A couple hours have passed since the debate.  It's finally cooling off (a little) outside.  Thinking about logical fallacies and how so many people in this country are in so much pain that they may not be thinking clearly.  Thinking about what I want to do tomorrow.  Thinking about the language at school: "Minimum Day."  What does that mean, anyway?  How does it translate to making the most of our learning?  Why do I so often feel like I'm working for students against all the influences that challenge students to be less than their best?  Is it really too hot to learn?  Thinking that I'll pass on doing the agenda now and post it late night or early morning.

*Update/5:31 AM

JOURNAL: [today's tunes: "On the Turning Away" from A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Pink Floyd]

Who do you think won last night's presidential debate?  Why?  Please explain your answer in terms of ethos, pathos, and logos.

1. Journal
2. Logical fallacies & "winning" last night's debate
3. Consult this list of logical fallacies and work with a partner to determine how many you saw last night.  Please provide an example for each one.

1. Please list your 10 favorite logical fallacies on your blog with an example for each. (title: WHEN LOGIC FAILS)
2. If I don't have your resume by tomorrow (Wednesday) I won't read it.

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