Friday, September 2, 2016

ideas in need of your feedback

This morning over breakfast I found myself thinking about what's important to you all and how we can use our time together to support our goals (more on goals next week).

I have two ideas for you to consider.  Please comment to this post and let me know what you think!

IDEA: Cake Wednesday

The idea here is that we take one day each week to focus on nourishing ourselves, each other, and our goals.  That means food.  We can rotate chef duties while we refine our organizational skills, search for scholarships (the time to begin is NOW),  and clarify goals/plans for life after high school.

It doesn't have to be Wednesday, and it doesn't have to be cake.  (In fact, I'd prefer healthier options and more personal choices, such as favorite recipes from your families.  Store-bought bags and bottles suck.)

(Credit Where It's Due: This idea originally came from my friend Jonathan Worth, a professional photographer and professor I met a couple years ago in London when I spoke at the Royal Geographic Society.  Jonathan teaches PHONAR, the largest open source photography course in the world-- which you too can take for free!)

IDEA: Leave Each Other Alone Day

One of my favorite things about teaching is connecting with learners in person.  I love exchanging ideas and getting to know you as we talk technology, literature, and learning about learning.

But I also understand that many of us don't have enough opportunities to quietly concentrate on our reading and writing.  There are days when the hour we spend in class may be the best opportunity we have to spend time thinking our own thoughts, reading deeply, or writing for academic and creative purposes.  School often demands that we look like we're doing something, and thinking can look a lot like sitting still doing nothing, so a classroom full of thoughtful students is a somewhat unusual sight. (There's your daily dose of irony.)

For these reasons I'd like to suggest that we occasionally celebrate Leave Each Other Alone Day.  On these days, we will quietly do what we need to do: read, write, think.

These are both just ideas.  Are they good ideas?  I'll have a better idea after reading your comments.


  1. Cake Wednesday is a delicious idea..... i mean its a great idea.

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  3. I'd like to participate in cake Wednesday. Is this open to outsiders?

  4. Cake Wednesday sounds like every child's dream, let's do it! I also like leave each other alone day, just because I stare off into space a lot.

  5. Everyone is voting for Cake Wednesday, but personally, I think I'd rather participate in Leave Each Other Alone Day :p

    1. is it because you don't wanna talk to me?

  6. I'd like a leave each other alone day especially because it's early in the morning and I think we could all use a little extra time to wake up & soak in a little more energy(:

  7. Since I want my answer to be special, how about we mix both ideas together? It could be "Leave each other alone day while we eat".

  8. Although cake Wednesday sounds fun, I choose "Leave each other alone day" since getting work done in school is easier for me, while getting work done at home makes me lazy.