Friday, March 31, 2017

march 31

All of his efforts are leading Montag somewhere, both in his inner sense of self and a destination in the world.  Where is he headed?  Where are your efforts leading you?

1. Journal
2. F451: the penultimate session

1. What is the significance of the glass of milk, the apple, and the pear?
2. Montag thought he saw the Mechanical Hound and reached his breaking point. What did he see?
3. After Montag's musing about the Sun and fire, why is it ironic that he sees a fire?  How is this fire different?
4. Who is Granger? Who are his associates? (Spend a few sentences explaining this.)
5. What happens on the "show" portraying the chase after Montag?
6. What does Granger mean when he says, "We made the right kind of mistakes."

Please read
MY THOUGHTS ON FAHRENHET 451 (which will be posted by Saturday at noon PDT)
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  1. Yesterday i had a conversation with my parents about this. We had a conversation about how school is going. (school is your future- Dad) So far my efforts are leading me no where, im trying putting 100% into it all but i get no where. i feel like im stuck in the same place.... im not going anywhere.

    1. I am in the same exact boat you are bud. One thing is though you can't give up on your hopes and dreams. It is difficult as hell but thats how life is, we just have to keeping going because you will legit go know where. Dude you are super smart! You got this and I believe in you.

    2. and that is what really got to me... they asked me "what so you want to do after high school? what are your goals and dreams?"....... i dont know, i dont really have any at the moment and i try to "make something up" just to have a small goal but i have dont know what my goals and dreams are

    3. You will know, when its the right time. Just continue with your outstanding grades and enjoy the moments now in High school. This school is full of students that can relate to you. You will be okay, I can promise you that. When your parents ask "what do you want to do after high school?" just say "Make you proud" maybe then they will stop asking ?... I am here for you though...