Wednesday, May 24, 2017

masterpiece academy day 5

Thanks to Marino for his presentation about the science and passion behind high performance.  I got such a kick out of thinking about soccer so hard that I said the same exact thing about practice and basketball that I did yesterday.  Here is Marino's presentation, and-- bonus!-- my favorite rant about basketball practice.

In case you're dreaming of getting better at your own life, check out this presentation from Luis:
[update: Huh. The next generation of Prezi seems to have hiccups with its embed code. To see more than the square below please click HERE.]

Alexis taught us about the American school system.  This was a powerful moment.  We learned that:

  • We spend $153,000 per student.
  • Teachers don't have adequate training and they don't get to know their students.
  • The schools prepare students for prison.
  • Since we spend a lot of money on our students, we're ranked highly by the OECD, but we don't show positive results for students. 
  • Asian cou
  • We always hear about Finland because their students work on hands-on projects and they perform much better on exams and in life.  They don't hate learning.
  • American parents also need to be more involved.  This is difficult because so many of our parents work hard and they're tired at the end of the day.  (Only five students out of 30+ raised their hands when Alexis asked how many people talk about school every day with their parents).
  • 80% of American high school students aren't ready for life after graduation.
Jeez. We can do better.

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