Tuesday, November 8, 2016

november 8

Election Day.  I know.  Enough already.  But, this is the job of the Citizen in the Democracy.  We must choose.  And, in a way, choice is the fabric of our life.  The choices we make define who we become.  What we don't/say and what we don't/do eventually become the patterns and the stories that we identify as our characters and our personalities.  This is why Hamlet's "to be or not to be" moment is so important.  So: describe an important choice you made in your life.  Why did it matter?  Did it change things for you?  How?  Did it give you a sense of who you are?  Do you think today's choice matters?  Spend some time on this one.  Choose.

1. Journal
2. Emerson presentations continued
3. Late résumés accepted (LAST DAY)

Post notes on presentations to your blog (title: EMERSON PRESENTATIONS DAY 2)

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