Sunday, April 23, 2017

time flies and all that

As Spring Break draws to a close and we ramp up for the AP, some reminders:

  1. By now you should have written and posted three essays to your blog, using the AP prompts in the tab above;
  2. This exercise should have given you practice in applying the tactics and strategies I posted last week;
  3. I won't be in class tomorrow (Monday 4/24) -- you should be prepared to read your colleagues' work and post your critiques.  I will post more about this on the day's agenda (next).  We will be aligning your feedback to the AP grading scale on Tuesday, so please be prepared.  If we have to spend time on Tuesday writing or reading for the first time, you will have: (a) lost an opportunity, and (b) contributed to the unnecessary crankiness of a teacher.

Hope you all enjoyed the time away from school, looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday!  -dp

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